Tasks and Objectives

Objectives of Kazakhstan Mining Portal: www.mining.kz:

  1. To form base of regulatory legal acts, analytical and research electronic documents and publications concerning mining of Kazakhstan, CIS countries and far abroad countries;
  2. To provide access of electronic materials for all categories of users;
  3. To improve cooperation between separate sectors of mining industry, to involve new investors into mining sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan by means of virtual exhibition operation.


  • To organize Portal as an operating tool of subsoil user;
  • To join all physical and legal entities of mining industry for organization of close relationships between all sectors of mining complex in one informational space
  • To provide subsoil users with information and analytical materials on condition of mining complex, last news of science and technology,  analogues of technical literature and publications in periodic mining editions;
  • To develop business, partner and friendly relations, scientific and technological and other cooperation between subsoil users of the Republic of Kazakhstan, their partners and investors;
  • To assist in fast implementation of fundamental and applied research results for effective mining development of native mining operations  and to create high-powered equipment and technology;
  • To protect interests of native subsoil users focused on economic, technical and technological development.