Our History

The Republic of Kazakhstan moves on to a new stage of development when deep reform of all types of economic activity is taken place. Information awareness is one of the main components of successful development of any organized and financial structure under conditions of market economy. Improvement of technical and economical effectiveness, high speed of change and   flexibility of production are only some of the consequences of active use of advanced information technologies.

Mining industry is one of the important parts of economy of Kazakhstan. For this reason, today, it is needed to create a specialized portal gathering all Representatives of mining industry and related to it Companies and Enterprises in one informational space. 

Kazakhstan Mining Portal: www.mining.kz  was created by AntAl Projecting and Consulting Company and Central Asia Mining Union, Public Association (CAMU PA) because of this need.

Kazakhstan Mining Portal is a specialized Internet Resource in the Central Asia region devoted to mining industry. Portal: www.mining.kz includes daily news about mining industry of the Central Asia region and the world, the search for specialized geological survey, construction and design companies, contacts with subsoil users, investors and equipment suppliers, advanced experience and technologies sharing, analysis of mining industry development trends.



  • –AntAl Projecting and Consulting Company (ANTAL LLP)
  • –Central Asia Mining Union, Public Association (CAMU)



  1. Government Bodies (Ministries, Authorities, Committees, Agencies and Departments)
  2. 2.Profesional Associations and Nongovernment Organizations
  3. Organizations and Enterprises engaged in mining and processing of solid mineral deposits
  4. Companies manufacturing equipment and accessories for subsoil use sector
  5. Companies selling equipment and accessories for subsoil use sector
  6. Companies rendering services for subsoil use sector
  7. Advertising Companies
  8. Exhibition Companies
  9. Mass media
  10. Interested Internet users
  11. Others