Friday, 11 December 2015

Bozshakol project update

KAZ  Minerals  PLC  announces  that  it will participate today  in  a  live  television transmission  to  mark  the  launch  of  a  number  of  important  industrial  projects  in Kazakhstan. During the broadcast an update on the status of the Bozshakol project will be given.


The Bozshakol project has progressed well to date in the fourth quarter and is currently undergoing  commissioning  works,  including  the  movement  of  material  through  the primary crusher, conveyor and reclaim areas as well as testing of the grinding mills. The first production of copper in concentrate is now expected to occur in January 2016.


Oleg Novachuk, Chief Executive, said: “We have made excellent progress in finalising the  construction  of  the  processing  facilities  at  Bozshakol.  The  testing  of individual components  of  the  concentrator is  well  underway  and  we  now  anticipate the  first production of copper in concentrate in January next year.”