Monday, 17 August 2015

Foreign company explores porphyritic copper ores in Kazakhstan

Australian-British mining group Rio Tinto started exploration of porphyritic copper ores in Kazakhstan, said the message of the Kazakh National Geological Exploration Company “Kazgeologiya”


The message said that the company conducted airborne geophysical survey on the “Korgantas” area in Shet district of Karaganda region of Kazakhstan, and preliminary results have been already received. Currently, ground geological surveys are being carried out there.


“On the results of the exploration, we expect to discover world-class copper deposit,” said Chairman of the Board of “Kazgeologiya” JSC Galym Nurzhanov.


“Kazgeologiya” and Rio Tinto signed an agreement on the establishment of two joint ventures on the search of large deposits in two areas of the Karaganda region - Balkhash Saryshagan and Korgantas in February 2013, Trend reported.


Currently, Kazakhstan actively implements policy to attract world leaders to the sphere of geological exploration. Through this work, the country gains access to the world's technology and know-how in the geological exploration, which allow to carry out the studies of mineral resources at big depths and in a short time.


A number of multinational and large foreign mining companies has already started to work in Kazakhstan. One of such investors is the Rio Tinto company, the second mining company in the world by market capitalization volume.