Projects to be launched and business plans – studied. Казахстанская Правда

Projects to be launched and business plans – studied.   Казахстанская Правда

In 2010 on the state program for industrial-innovative development (PAIID) 152 objects were launched worth over 800bn tenge. In the first post-crisis year it was the state that shouldered the main burden of economic development, and now it’s the private sector that should be more actively involved in the scaled process. That’s what PM Karim Masimov said at the enlarged board session in the Ministry for industry and new technologies (MINT).

In the last year the MINT’s efforts were pooled onto PAIID, 294 projects were entered on the Industrialization map the sum of over 8trn tenge.

Aset Isekeshev – the head of the ministry described 2010 tallies as positive enough, citing figures: an 11,8trn tenge industrial production volume, a 10% rise in the physical volume index (PVI), fast development of the non-primary sector, first in many years, a 5,3% PVI growth in mining industry YoY; in manufacturing industry it made 18,4%, power generation made over 82bn KWh that is 4,7% YoY. In the first nine months of the last year over USD 13bn of foreign investments had been drawn into Kazakhstan.

Last year the Government endorsed 13 branch programs, containing over 60 new support tools to business. Tools were improved for drawing investments too that stimulated all the branches.

All that resulted in improved characteristics. In machine engineering the PVI is 158%. In all 15 projects were launched on PAIID in 2010. In this branch four directions are focused on: development of vehicle engineering, railway including, of mining, oil-and-gas and agricultural engineering. Instrumentation might be included too.

The big projects in the branch are the engine assembling business in Astana, many expectations are tied with Atbasar engine depot. Together with the Spanish Talgo company a passenger car plant is being constructed.

Progress in mining area is tangible too. In 2010 an engineering consortium was established in Karaganda, comprised of over 30 businesses. Big expectations are tied with development of oil and gas engineering; agricultural direction wants new approaches.

The Kazatomprom national atomic company is looking to development of a competitive nuclear fuel cycle. Its 2010 consolidated net profit is tentatively estimated to be 53,6bn tenge, said the company leader Vladimir Shkolnik. This index is a third more YoY. In the last year the company had extracted 17 803 tons of uranium, sold 9 000 tons of uranium oxide concentrate, which is 33% more YoY. The planned extraction figure in 2011 is19,6 thousand tons of uranium.

The MINT leader A.Isekeshev says practically all their incumbent branches show good characteristics in the first year of PAIID. Overall resetting of the innovative system will hopefully give a good effect. The independent commission endorsed innovative grants on 38 projects the sum of 1,7bn tenge.

Last year Kazakhstan development bank continued funding of Aktau seaport extension, construction of Moinak HPP in Almaty oblast, gas-turbine power plant in Uralsk, caustic soda production in Pavlodar, extension of ferroalloy in Taraz.

In the first post-crisis year it was the state that shouldered the main burden of economic development, and now this load should be re-shouldered onto the private sector, PM K.Masimov believes.

The projects are already compartmentalized, 224 new projects were entered on the industrialization map. By late March all the expertise will have been finalized.

The major projects to be launched in this year are the railway line Jetygen-Horgos-Uzen-the borderline with Turkmenistan, Moinak HPP, pipe-making business in Atyrau and others.

The PM said the first year of PAIID had laid the groundwork for subsequent development that in its turn wants pooled efforts of both the sate and the business. PM was unhappy about hyped prices on staples in January, but this is going to a topic at the video conference this Saturday.