ENRC to invest heavily in mining and material production. CaspioNet

ENRC to invest heavily in mining and material production.   CaspioNet

Referring to an announcement from the ENRC Kazakhstan industrial holding, the KazTag information agency has announced that as part of the country’s development programme, within the next 3-4 years the holding is planning to invest 7 billion US dollars for the implementation of large investment projects. In particular, the ENRC is planning to invest almost 2 billion US dollars into the expansion of capacities at the Sokolov-Sarbai mining and production association. The programme also involved the construction of a plant for the production of ferrous alloys with a capacity of 440 thousand tonnes in the Aktobe region. The company is also revising the issue of expansion of the Aksu power plant. It is planned to establish two extra blocks with a capacity of 600 megawatts each. Officials of the company also reported that they are planning to develop the Karaganda region. Investments in the region will account for over two billion US dollars. The ENRC company deals with the extraction and processing of chromium, manganese and iron ore, ferrous alloy smelting, extraction and processing of bauxite for argil and aluminum, production of copper and cobalt, extraction of coal, production of power energy and the sale of products. Production assets of the group are mainly situated in Kazakhstan.