Above-targeted coal of “Bogatyr” mine. kazpravda.kz

Above-targeted coal of “Bogatyr” mine.   kazpravda.kz

Over 38mn tons of coal has already been produced at the mine above two targets already: the initial one of 34mn tons topped by the additional – the biggest amount in the last three years. The miners are targeting a 40-mn mark this year, above the set record.

This record, it should be said, did not come easy, and there were problems with wagons and sales market. The latter is vast: the “Bogatyr Komir” company is a reliable coal supplier to 11 power plants in Kazakhstan and 6 in Russia. Their supplies have been so far uninterrupted in spite of some logistical faults. They came to terms with the customers and the railway men to make it happen, to produce 34mn tons in 11 months and to target a higher mark.

The mine was recently celebrating its 40th birthday (1bn370mn tons of produced coal). At the jubilee the director-general of the “Bogatyr Komir” LLP named best workers and set a short-term target of 55mn tons a year and a full transition to conveyor mining and shipment of coal.

In Kazakhstan the company is best in opencast coal mining, and on the PAIID they are upgrading their machinery and technologies. It is also a reliable home exporter.