Kazakhstan’s manufacturing growth of 19.4% achieved through industrialization projects

For the first time during the three-year period of implementation of the State Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development the share of manufacturing industry in the structure of the country's GDP growth reached 19.4%, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev has said today at a meeting of the Government.

"With the overall real GDP growth of 22.6% in 2012, the highest growth was achieved in the manufacturing industry - 19.4%," Issekeshev said noting the positive results of the implementation of the program of industrialization.

As he noted, for the first time the biggest contribution to GDP growth is achieved not only by the extractive industries.

Regarding the effect of the Industrialization Map projects on the economy of Kazakhstan Issekeshev informed that 1.3 percent of 5 percent GDP growth was the proportion of new productions commissioned under the Program of Forced Industrial Innovative Development.

According to the Minister, from the start of the program there has been seen good growth in the manufacturing industry. The growth rate in the manufacturing sector outpaced the growth in the mining industry, PM's official website reports.

"So, in 2010, as compared to 2009, the mining sector growth was 7.2%, manufacturing industry - 13.9%. In 2011, growth in the manufacturing sector made 7.2% in the mining sector - 1.0%. In 2012, this trend continued – growth in the manufacturing sector was 0.7%, mining - 0.2%," Issekeshev said.


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